Dear isolutions,
I was devastated when my brand new ipad hit the floor and shattered. I just spent $500 and of course had no insurance. I’m still amazed you fixed my ipad the same day for such a low price. I’m definitely keeping isolutions on my speed dial. Thanks again.
Jacki Hyatt
Dear isolutions,
Thank you so much for my iphone. I am stuck in a T Mobile contract and never thought I would be able to get an iphone. I went to isolutions and was able to purchase an unlocked and jailbroken iphone. To top it off, I was given a detailed lesson on how to use jailbreak. I would have been lost without it. Thank you, again, I don’t know what I would have done without isolutions and my new phone.
Rebecca Freeman
Not only did you fix my iphone screen like new, but when I dropped it and broke it 3 days later, you fixed it again! I want to thank you for the consistency. Everything is working perfectly. I will definitely recommend isolutions to everyone I know.
Dr. Lisa Galluzzo