About Us

What we do?
We are a fast growing company offering premium quality service with a low price guarantee. We service and modify all i products including ipads, iphones, and ipods. Our storefront provides a safe selling environment for those looking to sell their phone and often times we have iphones for sale.

Who we are?
ISOLUTIONS1, LLC is incorporated in the state of Florida. Our founders not only repair i products but are also loyal users. They have been managing fortune 500 companies and servicing south Florida in the retail customer service industry for over 20 years.

Why we do it?
With degrees in electronic engineering,we have a fascination for technology. The iphone has revolutionized the cell phone industry and has sparked a technological advancement in the functionalities of cell phones making the once very expensive smart phone, affordable and easy to use. Unfortunately this means a large amount of iphones are subjected to damage. Where should you go when this happens? isoultions.